Thanksgiving Holiday Baskets

Come November 24th, most American households will have decorated their homes with fall-colored decorations. The table centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner will be the main focus, in that family and friends gather here to eat and socialize for hours. Thanksgiving baskets make an attractive and utilitarian purpose for giving the atmosphere a festive feel. There is no need to shop for expensive ready-made baskets–it is fun and easy to create your own Thanksgiving basket for the variety of purposes they contain!

Any plain basket can be turned into an artistic piece with colorful ribbons, dried flowers of variety and color, and pot pourri exuding lovely, seasonal scents, such as cloves, cinnamon, and caramel apple spice aromas that will saturate your house with flavor and freshness. Acorns, gourds and walnuts in-the-shell can be glued onto the handles or sides of baskets. Baskets can be large or small, square, rectangular or round, with handles or without, made of sturdy hemp, light wood shavings, or durable crate-like construction for heavy items and big fillers.

A gift basket for your hostess can be filled with fruit, nuts, and apple cider, or packages of a variety of breads and, and a bottle of red or white wine. They can actually be the centerpiece at the table. Candles displayed in baskets lend a warm glow at the table. Whole dishes, casseroles, and side dishes can be placed inside baskets flavored with holiday decor.

Large crate-style holiday baskets can serve as magazine racks, umbrella holders, or book shelves. Plant holders, nut and candy holder, napkin holders, condiment holders, any and all things can fit inside an autumnal display that’s unique, fun, and that can be your very own creation!


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