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How to Make Coiled Fabric Baskets

Coiled fabric baskets are perfect for holding fruits, vegetables, or even as a decorative piece of art for your home. You can make them with left over fabric pieces or spools of yarn. Once you get the stitching method down, it is fairly easy to make these baskets. You can create bowls and baskets of varying sizes for different needs. Here is an instructional tutorial on how to make coiled fabric baskets for your home.


Spool of yarn – about 1.5 inches wide

Rat-tail Cord – about 10 yards worth

Large yarn needle – with big eye



1. Cut a length cord (about 2 yards), and thread the needle with it.

2. Overlap one end of the cord with the end of the yarn. You can keep the yarn on the spool. Wrap the cord around the yarn 5 times.

3. Fold the end of the yarn over to make a loop. Keep the hole in the center small but you should be able to put the needle through it.

4. Wrap the cord around the base of the yarn loop, leaving a short tail sticking out, and tie a knot.

5. Hold the yarn so that the cord tail is on top and the long piece of yarn is on the bottom. Take the needle around to the back of the loop and pass it through the hole towards you.

6. Don’t pull through tightly; instead, leave a loop at the top. Then pass the needle through the loop.

7. Repeat this stitch all the way around the loop. The stitches should be firm but not tight.

8. Fold over the starting tail of the cord with the rest of the yarn length on top.

9. Your next stitch will go through the top of the first blanket stitch, instead of through the hole. Take the needle over to the back and bring it through the top of the first blanket stitch. The next stitch will go through the top of the second blanket stitch.

10. If you are running out of cord, knot a second piece with the existing cord. Just make sure the knot is on the outside of the coil. Tuck in the tails of the cords and the knot as you continue stitching.
11. One you have formed a base size that you are satisfied with, you can begin building the sides of the basket

12. To make the sides, follow the same instructions as before but make your stitches more firm and hold the yarn above the previous coil, instead of next to it. Continue stitching until you are satisfied with the height.

13. Cut the yarn from the spool leaving a 4-inch tail.

14.Weave the yarn tail into one of the vertical stitches in the row below it. Then weave in through a few more stitches in the same row and cut the yarn off so the tail isn’t sticking out.

15. In order to finish off the cord, complete the top edge of the bowl with one more stitch. Then tie a small knot and begin weaving the cord down into the center of the basket. Cut the cord and tuck the end in.


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