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How to Make Baskets in the Wild

It’s fair to say that most of us would not do well if we had to survive in the wild. In order to finding food, water and shelter we would need some basic surviving skills. One thing you can learn quite easily is to make a primitive grapevine basket for gathering and storage. You can even use the basket to catch fish. Here is an instructional video on how to make baskets in the wild, accompanied by written instructions.


1. Gather grapevines, and remove the leaves.

2. Place three sturdy stems over each other so that it creates an asterisk shape.

3. Look through your grapevines and find a thin one. This will be your weaver.

4. Run the weaver over one stem and under the next one. Repeat this until you have gone around once.

5. On your second time around, go under and over, and then pull tightly.

6. As you go through the third time around, go over two stems and then under-over.

7. Repeat this pattern until you have a base that is approximately 6 inches in diameter.

8. Take the six spokes and bring them together on top. Tie it on top with a thin grapevine.

9. Continue weaving the sides just like you did with the base until you have about a foot of spoke left on the top.

10. Next, weave each spoke with each other. Take one spoke and put it in front of the adjacent spoke, then behind the following spoke. Repeat the pattern until the entire length of the first spoke is woven in.

11. Do the same with the rest of the spokes.

12. Fiddle around and adjust the spokes until you have a basket you are satisfied with. You can put some water on the vines to make them more pliable if you need.


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