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How to Create Beautiful Hanging Baskets

One way to spruce up your backyard or porch is with a beautiful annual hanging basket. Annual flowers are those that complete their lifecycle in just one growing season. They tend to bloom from spring until autumn. Although they must be replanted each year, annuals are the preferred choice when it comes to growing vibrant, colorful flowers that can be showcased throughout the season. In order to create a beautiful annual hanging basket, you will need some gardening supplies and plants. Below are detailed instructions on how you can make your own hanging basket for your home.


  • 16″ diameter wire-frame basket with hanger
  • Wood-fiber liner to fit frame
  • One meter of landscape fabric or burlap (only for dry climates)
  • 8″ plastic watering pan
  • 51 inches of 1/2-inch clear-vinyl tubing
  • 20 quarts of soil mix (16 quarts of lightweight, hanging-basket soil and 4 quarts of loam or humus based potting soil), plus a tablespoon kelp meal
  • 4 quarts of water
  • 1 tablespoon slow-release, 15-15-15 fertilizer beads
  • 8 plants in 2.5″ pots such as Bacopa, Fuchsia, Verbana, Lobelia, Pancy,  and Petunia
  • Large container for mixing soil
  • Scissors, felt-tip pen, and small plastic bags
  • To hang from a wall – a sturdy bracket with horizontal bar measuring 12 or more inches
  • To hang overhead – 1.5 screw hook, an S hook, and a length of chain


1. Line the basket’s rim with vinyl tubing. Cut the tubing lengthwise and wrap it around the wire rim. This will prevent trailing stems from breaking.

2. Place the wood-fiber liner into the basket with the dark side facing out. Fold any excess liner material over the rim.

3. Put the watering pan inside the basket.

4. User the pen to mark the liner with seven dots evenly spaced around the basket. The dots should be placed approximately 3″ from the rim.

5. At each dot, cut a cross-shaped slit in the liner measuring about 2″ x 2″.

6.  Prepare 20 quarts of hanging-basket soil mix and moisten it with 4 quarts of water.

7. Place the soil mix into the basket, and pat down firmly until it is about 3″ from the rim.

8. Soak the plants by placing the pots into water until all the bubbles disappear.

9. Insert the plants into the basket through the slits in the liner. Remove the plant from the pot, and hold it by the root ball to protect the stem. Wrap the root balls in a small plastic bag to facilitate insertion. Pull the root balls through from the inside so they rest on top of the soil. Remove the plastic bag and secure the root ball with a handful of soil.

10. Add soil to within an inch of the rim. Place one plant in the center, and then space the other seven plants around it. Make sure that soil around each plant is firm.

11. Sprinkle a tablespoon of slow-release fertilizer beads over the soil.

12.  Attach hangers to the rim of the basket and hang it outside. In hot, arid conditions, water the plants immediately and hang in the shade for a few days. If it is cool, damp weather, wait until it warms up before you water the basket.

13. After the first watering, make sure to firm the soil around the top layer of the roots.

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