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How to Make a Jelly Gift Basket

Gift baskets are steadily growing in popularity.  When you go to the mall or yes, even to a flea market you will see them.  They can be found at Starbucks, Wal-Mart and many other places too.  Gift baskets are popular because they are quickly and easily put together as well as being endlessly customizable.  They can be bought pre-made or you can buy the ingredients and make them yourself.  The self-made types show a greater amount of care about the individual that they are meant for than the pre-made ones do.  That is the type that we will be talking about today. 

So, the specific type of self-made gift basket we will go over today is one for the lover of all things jelly.

As with any gift basket, the first thing that you should start with is a basket.  Now, in this case it is easy to get a bit creative because instead of an ordinary basket you could actually use something like a bread basket.  Anyway, the choice is yours and depends on the likes of the recipient of the basket.

First you will want to put some sort of filler in your basket.  You can use paper, tinsel, foil or anything really.  Next, get your ‘ingredients’ together.  Your ingredients will consist of whatever you have gotten to put in the basket.  For this type, there should be a variety of different types of jellies and jams and maybe some bread, scones or biscuits to put it on.  You can even put in some of the jelly candies if you think the recipient would enjoy them.  A jelly knife would also be a great thing to include.  Anyway, the choice is yours.  Be creative and conscientious of the likes of the recipient.

Then just wrap it up and deliver it.  See how easy that was?

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