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How to Make a Gift Basket

Gift baskets are growing in popularity.  They are easy to make and easy to show that you are putting a lot of thought into whatever you are gifting.  You can put nearly anything in them and they are about the easiest way to give a thoroughly personalized gift to someone you may or may not know very well at all.

You will need a basket.  You can make one on your own or get one at a store.  Line your basket with plastic Easter grass, newspaper, tinsel or anything decorative.  This makes a bed for your gifts to be displayed on. 

Think about your recipient.  If he is a stranger then go with something nearly everyone likes.  Use fruit, muffins, coffee or various little sundries.  If your recipient is a person who is well known to you then you will be able to personalize it more towards their likes.  If they are into movies then you can make a movie night basket complete with things like popcorn, movie snacks, soda, movie theater candy and their favorite movie or some rental codes from your local movie rental store or box.  If your recipient is a girly girl then you can add cosmetic gifts like the lotions, soaps and body sprays that are so scrumptious from Victoria’s Secret.  Put a coupon in there for a mani-pedi or for a makeover or to get her hair done.

Be creative, try to include things in your basket that will be relevant to the person to whom you are giving it and have fun with it.

You can finish it off with a nice bow or even wrap it in a cellophane bag and tie it off with a pretty ribbon.  No matter what, your recipient will love the thought that went into it.

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