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May Day Basket Ideas

Why would you make a May Day basket?  People make May Day baskets as it is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years.  The tradition is to make a basket and hang it on the doorknob or place it at the front door of your neighbor’s house.  Knock on the door and then run to hide.  If the neighbor spies you then they have to kiss you, but if not then you jump up and shout “Happy May Day!”

You can make the baskets out of paper plates, egg cartons or even construction paper.  If you use egg cartons just cut the top off the carton and glue strips of construction paper to either side in order to form a handle. 

If you choose to make a construction paper basket, fold the paper into a cone shape and then glue, tape or staple it into place.  Then get many different colors of the paper and cut it all into strips.  Glue, staple or tape the strip around the cone to make a colorful fringe. 

If you choose the paper plate type then simply cut one paper plate in half.  Glue, staple or tape one half of the cut plate upside down to an uncut paper plate forming a pocket.  You can then decorate the basket to your heart’s content. 

Whichever form that you choose, you can then decorate them as you wish.  Put whatever you like in them but traditional May Day baskets are used to hold flowers.  These can be wildflowers and not just house flowers. 

This is just a fun little tradition that is not only fun to create, but is also fun to execute.  Not too many people pay attention to traditions anymore and it would be a sad thing to completely lose this one.

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