How to Weave a Basket Quiver

If you know how to weave a basket then you will know how to weave a quiver.  For those who may not be aware of what a quiver actually is, it is an elongated container that has traditionally been used in archery applications.  It was traditionally used to hold the arrows at the ready for the archer.  Nowadays they are used for that reason as well as for a decorative piece to display things like palm fronds or other flora. 

You start the making of the quiver by gathering your materials.  You will need willow, a leather circle, twine and gardening shears.

Cut the willow to the lengths that you will need for your specific quiver.  Make the bottom of the quiver by laying one willow circle inside another and then creating the God’s Eye.  Use the stronger willow pieces for the ribs of the quiver and then start weaving the more pliant pieces through the ribs until you reach the desires size and shape of your quiver.  Tuck the ends into the ribs and you are almost done.

The final step if you choose to take it is to decorate your quiver.  This can be done in many different ways.  If you will be using your quiver as a decorative piece anyway then the decorations that you put on the quiver should not overshadow what you will put in it.  If you will be using the quiver as an actual quiver you may want to use strips of leather on it.  Whatever you want to do, go with it and be creative.

When you are completely finished with your quiver you can display it proudly knowing that you had the ingenuity and skill to create such a fine piece of art by yourself.

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