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How to Make a Native American Indian Basket

For this particular project we will use a particular material which was then and still is a very abundant material that can be found naturally in many parts of the country. 

You will need to gather an abundance of pine needles, some thread made from linen, a pair of scissors and a needle that happens to be quite blunt.

Once you have your materials together and are ready to begin, make sure that you lay your pine needles out to thoroughly dry.  When they are dry you will make them wet again by soaking them in warm water for half an hour.  Thread your needle with 5’ of the thread.  Take 6 pine needles and lay 2’’ of the thread (as far from the needle as possible) along one end of the little bunch of needles.  Holding the thread in place you will wrap the rest of the bundle with the rest of the thread.  You will do this until ¾’’ of the needles are tightly wrapped.  To make the ring at the bottom center of your basket, you will take the wrapped needles and form them into a U shape. 

Sewing them into place as you go, you will place the pine needles into place around the U shape forming the base of your basket.  From there, just keep going, coiling the needles around and up shaping your basket as you go.  Make sure that you are continuously sewing so they stay in place. 

When you feel that your basket is complete, simply sew the last of the pine needles into place and you are done. 

This can be a time consuming thing to do , but it will look good and give you the satisfaction of having done something not only on your own, but also in the style that has been used for hundreds of years.

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