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How to Weave a Basket

Weaving baskets is a craft that has been in use not just for years but for centuries!  This is because baskets are such a useful thing to have around.  You can fill them with nearly anything.  You can even make gift baskets with them.   So what about making the basket itself?  That is what we will discuss today. 

The first step in any project t is to gather your materials.  Since we will be making a willow basket, you will of course need a supply of willow.  You will also need a pair of garden clippers, twine and grapevine or some type of larger branches.

Cut the willow into lengths that will be easy for you to work with.  You will use the stiff willow for the ribs.  The more pliant vines will come in handy for the actual weaving.  The ribs should be cut to the desired size for the basket.

Taking the thicker willow, make two circles of them and put one inside of the other one.  You should have a cross pattern on either side of this configuration.  You will then make the God’s Eye using the twine.  The pockets in the God’s Eye will be where you place the ribs for your weaving.  Once you have the ribs in place, you will then be ready to use the more pliant willow pieces to do the actual weaving.

Weave until you are satisfied with the size and shape of your basket and then tuck in the last section to finish it off.

Once you are finished, take a step back and take a look at the finished project.  You just did something that is not normally done in today’s world although people from ages past used to do on a daily basis.  You should be proud of your creation.


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