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How to Make a Basket

There are a great many ways to make baskets as well as a great many things that you can use to make them.  Today, we will talk about a way to make a basket that will allow you to recycle while doing it.  We will talk about making a basket from the plastic bags you get at the market to carry your purchases in.

You will need nothing but a lot of plastic bags, a needle and some thread as well as a pair of scissors.

Start by getting all of your bags together and straightening them out one by one.  As you get them laid out flat cut off the handles and the bottom of the bags.  Discard those pieces.  That done, start cutting the bags into 4’’ strips.  It is easiest to do this by starting at the top and cutting diagonal strips 4’’ wide all the way down to the bottom of the bag making one long strip.

Next, take three of the strips, fold them over to half the length and begin braiding them together.  Continue the process with the rest of your bags by starting a new braid by securing the new bags to the end of the preceding bag.  When you have all of the bags braided and in one long 20 – 30’ coil you have finished the hard part.

Coil your braided bag rope up tight to form the base.  Pin it into shape and then thread your needle.  Sew the coils together.  You will want to at least have four lines of sewn places (one going in each direction).  You can sew more if you like.  As you build the body of your basket up by coiling the bag rope up and around the base, sew it into place.  Once you reach the size you want, tuck the end of the rope into the top two coils and sew it into place.

Now you know how to make a basket while recycling!

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