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How to Cook Eggs in a Basket

Many people may not recognize eggs in a basket by this name.  You may however, recognize the names hen in a nest, sunshine toast, one eyed monster breakfast, toad in a hole, egg in a frame, pharaohs eye or any number of other names.  No matter what name you know this breakfast item by it is easy to make as it is just eggs that have been fried inside the void left by a hole being cut from a piece of bread.

To make this breakfast you will need an egg for each piece that you would like.  You will also need a piece of bread for each serving.  Along with those, you will need 1 tbsp. butter or vegetable oil per serving, an orange or even some strawberries or other fruit.  You will need a stove, frying pan, a glass, a spatula and a plate to put it on when you finish. 

Ok, melt your butter or heat your oil in the frying pan first over medium heat.  While that is heating/melting you can use the glass to cut holes out of the center of your bread.  This is really easy as you just push the open end of the glass straight down onto the bread to make the hole.  Put the holey bread into the pan.  Fry the bread until it is light brown on both sides.  Add more butter in the center of the bread holes and then crack your egg and empty it directly into the hole.  Continue frying for one and a half minutes per side or until you think it is done.

You are now finished.  Put your eggs in a basket onto a plate and eat up.  Enjoy and once you have this version perfected you can add your own style and flavors to it to truly make it yours.

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